Wine Idea is a service provider for the wine industry and wine country tourism.
We analyze different scenarios; develop real estate, production and operation strategies.

We offer regular consulting services and/or undertake directing or managing roles in the company.

We accept projects, no matter their stage of development. We take on from start-up to production/commercial strategy planning, restructuring or repositioning.

Our vision was to gather a superior quality multidisciplinary professional team and offer services at affordable prices.

The idea is that customers can take up 100% of our know-how.


¿Why Wine Idea?

In a highly competitive and atomized environment, leaving loose ends is no good. Our goal is to develop effective management, commercially attractive branding and compelling corporate and product image able to deliver as stoutly as a classic.

We provide versatile services. We can take up the development of the entire project or deliver a particular service or piece of advice. And we can provide additional services, modules or consultancy as required.

Customers can integrate consultants and professionals of their choice. We are not selling teams; we are delivering solutions.

We are familiar with the global market and we understand consumers.

We share the dreams of winemakers but we define strategies and deal with the real world.

We acknowledge the value of synergies and we base our actions on them.



We are a seasoned professional team that delivers strategic and operation solutions at a satisfactory benefit-to-cost ratio.

Strategic Consulting

We focus on creating value as we analyze different scenarios; develop real estate, production and operation strategies. Our methods maximize value creation by adequately managing financial and human resources. We work together with investors and their Management teams suggesting, defining and implementing.

Project Development and Business Plan

We shape the original idea of customers into a project and define the business plan. Simultaneously we offer legal, accounting and financial help.

Administration & Management.

We take up operations as requested in areas such as management, agriculture, and oenology, management control, marketing and sales.

Consulting Services Marketing & Sales

Communication and design. Marketing and sales plan. Strategy and tactics. Portfolio and competition. Pricing according to markets. Legal and commercial assessment for labeling. Graphic design. Relations with marketers and distributors. Sales force.

Consulting Services Oenology

Our oenologists provide advisory services in winemaking. To begin with, we like to define the potential of the terroir and find the oenological style that best suits it. The best contribution that we can make is to let the wine reveal the personality and characteristics of its place of origin.

Consulting Services Agriculture

Our agriculture engineers provide advisory and/or management services. We cover every aspect of the production strategy. We evaluate the agricultural and technical potential of vineyards, the climate and professional performance of workers at the vineyard.

Consulting Services Process

Small wineries do not share the process of medium or large size wineries. New ventures or enterprises in trouble usually focus on the most attractive side of business and/or the strong points of the company but leave aside other key aspects. A good flow chart and professional process is necessary in a start-up or restructuring towards effectiveness in the medium term.

Consulting Services Logistics & Distribution

We count on a full logistics and distribution network throughout Argentina. We are strategically located in the very heart of the city of Buenos Aires, in Palermo. This location represents a competitive advantage and provides particular dynamics in the most demanding and profitable market in the country: the northern area of the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires.



Our methodology could be described as a joint venture in which Wine Idea provides services focused on accompanying customers during a specific stage. The goal is that customers become independent in due time having met their objectives, acquiring data, process, training and good business practices.

At the initial stage we define scopes, objectives, timelines and budgets. In other words, we define party responsibilities and the responsibilities of parties to each other, activities and scopes. We team up and train working staff and define timelines and budgets.

We integrate the staff of customers with our own staff in effective, long-lasting working teams.

We offer customers real operating savings and optimize their value stream.



Leading wineries trust us for our passion to create and enhance their channels, making their brands extraordinary and profitable.