Specialized wine consulting.

The professional and personalized support that your project needs to be promoted.
“Our vision was to bring together a first class multidisciplinary team of professionals that offers services at an excellent cost-benefit ratio”.

What do we do?

Wine Idea is a service provider for the wine and wine tourism industry.

We offer traditional consultancy and/or assume operational responsibilities in the direction and administration of the company.

We take projects at any stage of maturity. From the idea (Start-Up/Business Plan), going through the planning of a productive or commercial strategy to a reengineering or a repositioning.


We use methodologies that maximize the generation of value through proper management of financial and human resources.


Analysis, diagnosis, strategy.

Development and
Business Plan

Custom planning, time and detail.

Marketing and

Coordination, execution, administration and control of the plan.

We shape the client's original idea, defining the project and developing the business plan. We also offer legal, accounting and financial advice.

Why Wineidea?

In such a competitive and fragmented industry, you cannot leave loose ends.

It is necessary to achieve efficient management, a commercially attractive product definition and a seductive corporate and product image with the potential of a classic.
We offer flexible services. You can engage in the entire project or a specific service or consultancy.

Services, modules or consultancies can be incorporated as needed. We know the global market and understand the consumer.

We share the dreams of all viticulturists but we define strategies and operate in tune with reality.

“We share the dreams of all viticulturists but we define strategies and operate in tune with reality".


Our working modality could be defined as that of a temporary union of companies or that of a task-force. In which the services provided by Wine Idea are intended to accompany the client at a certain stage.

The objective is for the client to achieve the objectives set, capitalizing on information, processes and good business practices. From the initial proposal we establish scope, objectives, times and budget.

That is, we determine responsibilities of and between the parties; we define activities; we set up and train work teams; we set times.

We offer our clients real savings in the operation and we optimize their value chain.

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